Transmission 2.7


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Here’s the latest selection from the Space Library – carefully curated and a little bit spacey. The wondrous Kahimi Karie gets us started with a lovely electronic puzzle called ‘Blue Orb’, a short diversion into the world of Stereolab then leads us into Patrick Cowley’s porn soundtrack music (believe the hype, it’s excellent). I’ll skim through the rest but Family Fodder again prove that they were the band that should have received far more accolades – and the same goes for the Gentle People whose ‘Superstar’ mixes a deep space ambiance with E.L.O. vocoder processed vocals. Let’s do this.

We Love Katamari Turn On Dots and Loops School Daze 1 Trevor Duncan - Other Worlds Vienna PML 29_ Tomorrow's World Family Fodder - Warm Science Fiction Dance Party Simply Faboo MP 107 - Pop In... Devil's Train As The Crow Flies Music for Film, Television and Radio, Vol. 1 1 Doctor Who - Devil's Planets Frequencies Will Move Together Presents_ Exclusively Talentmaker! Zodiac

1 – Blue Orb – Kahimi Karie (We Love Katamari – 2005)
2 – Electrocation of Fire Ants – Turn On (Turn On – 1997)
3 – Prisoner of Mars – Stereolab (Dots and Loops – 1997)
4 – Mockingbird Dream – Patrick Cowley (School Daze – 1980)
5 – Megadrive – Trevor Duncan (Other Worlds – 1981)
6 – Mr. X – Ultravox (Vienna – 1980)
7 – Current Affairs – Kerry Beaumont (Tomorrow’s World – 1980)
8 – Warm – Family Fodder (Warm 7” single – 1980)
9 – Man Out Of A Test Tube – The Science Fiction Corporation (Science Fiction Dance Party – 1970)
10 – Superstar – The Gentle People (Simply Faboo – 1999)
11 – Devil’s Train – Jacky Giordano (Pop In… Devil’s Train – 1976)
12 – We Cleanse This Space – The Advisory Circle (As The Crow Flies – 2011)
13 – Long Shadow – Harmonic 33 (Music for Film, Television and Radio, Vol. 1 – 2005)
14 – Dalek City Corridor – Brian Hodgson (Doctor Who: Devils’ Planets – The Music Of Tristram Cary – 1963)
15 – Guide and Receive – B(if)tek (Frequencies Will Move Together – 2003)
16 – Gepetto – Optiganally Yours (Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker! – 2000)
17 – Toro – Amedeo Tommasi (Zodiac – 1970)

8 thoughts on “Transmission 2.7

  1. These Transmissions are Awesome… all the night to download your spendid work!!! But I ASOLUTELY want transmission from 1.8 to 1.20! these aren’t in itunes or podomatic, I don’t find them in all the web.
    Please I need them all for my mental sanity.
    Xcuse bad english, we italian use more “gesticulate”…

    • Hi, Thanks, I’m very pleased to hear how much you have been enjoying the show. unfortunately the Podomatic account is limited to a few shows due to space restrictions, but I have been starting to upload all of them for download which I hope to have finished by the weekend. I’ll get in touch as soon as they are ready. Your sanity will be preserved!

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