Transmission 1.5 “The Mind” [Special]

Transmission 1.5 The Mind

Every so often I’ll be including themed shows into the mix, and this is the first. I liked the idea of a show centred around The Mind – thoughts, dreams, inner voices, hypnosis, meditation – that sort of thing. Some of the tracks might also just sound right to me, like they belong both in this theme, and also in The Space Library.

There’s a lot of music in this hour, 25 different tracks, as it includes a certain amount of mixing and overlaying of tracks to create something new, there’s also 2 songs that are 17 seconds or less. One piece in particular I’d like to draw your attention to is Limbo (The Organized Mind) by electronic genius Raymond Scott and The Muppets’ Jim Henson. It’s a delight.

I had a lot of fun putting this together, I hope you enjoy it.

pierre henry Mass Cursor Miner ‎– Danceflaw Jean-Jacques Dexter

1. Psyche Rock – Pierre Henry (Mass For the Present Time – 1968)
2. Errors In My Mind – Cursor Miner (Danceflaw – 2006)
3. Be Quiet – Jean-Jacques Dexter (Tentez Une Expérience D’Hypnose Réelle – year unknown)

Roj AC Mind BBC Radiophonic Retrospective

4. Brain Sync – Roj (The Transactional Dharma Of Roj – 2009)
5. And the Cuckoo Comes – The Advisory Circle (Mind How You Go – 2005)
6. Dandelion Countdown (Pictures In Your Mind) – Dick Mills (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective)

Children of France Piero Umiliani - Effets Spéciaux yazoo upstairs at eric's

7. Windmills of Your Mind – La Chorale des Enfants de L’Opera de Paris (Children of France – 1970)
8. Etat Hypnotique – Piero Umiliani (Effets Spéciaux – 1970)
9. I Before E Except After C – Yazoo (Upstairs At Eric’s – 1982)

bachelorette my electric family fantastic plastic machine imaginations Leary

10. Mindwarp – Bachelorette (My Electric Family – 2009)
11. Here In My Mind – Fantastic Plastic Machine (Imaginations – 2006)
12. [Overlay] The Tune In – Dr. Timothy Leary (Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out – 1967)

gentle people soundtracks for living Gunter Kallman cover_only

13. Dream – The Gentle People (Soundtracks for Living – 1997)
14. Daydream – The Gunter Kallmann Choir (The Gunter Kallmann Choir – year unknown)
15. Magma On My Mind – Marc Shearer (A Psychedelic Guide To Monsterism Island – 2009)

karminsky power of suggestion dominic frontiere outer limits hugo montenegro moog power

16. The Power of Suggestion – The Karminsky Experience Inc. (The Power of Suggestion – 2003)
17. Mind Link/Transfer [From The Human Factor] – Dominic Frontiere (The Outer Limits (Original 1963 Television Soundtrack))
18. Dizzy – Hugo Montenegro (Moog Power – 1969)

louis bebe barron forbidden planet raymond scott manhattan research gil melle mindscape

19. The Mind Booster  +  Creation Of Matter – Louis And Bebe Barron (Forbidden Planet – 1956)
20. Limbo: The Organized Mind [vocals: Jim Henson] – Raymond Scott (Manhattan Research Inc. – 1966)
21. Mindscape – Gil Melle (Mindscape 1 – 1989)

the books music for a french elevator Hachirou Aoyama super express 109 tom elliott space electronics

22. [Overlay] Meditation Outtakes – The Books (Music For A French Elevator – 2006)
23. Okita’s Thoughts – Hachirou Aoyama (Super Express 109 – 1975)
24. Hypnosis – Tom Elliot (Space Electronics – year unknown)

lullatone plays pajama pop

25. Thoughts And Clouds – Lullatone (Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous – 2006)

The Space Library Transmission 1.5 “The Mind” airs on Tuesday 2nd April at 2000 GMT
Currently available for streaming, at Mixcloud or download here.


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